Tata Motors (14.7.2017)


  1. Buy price- below 470
  2. Target price- 600
  3. Profit % over 25%
  4. Duration for meeting target- 3-6months
  5. Bottom price- 400(taken lower after considering a possibility of a market crash)

Important Note: All of tata motor’s peers are strong competitors. Thus making this a very competitive segment. The companies are constantly encroaching on each other’s share capital. They are all good buys. The buying in this sector should be determined by rise and falls. Each company has a good rally and a dip. Thus buying the right company before its rally is the trick. Currently all these other companies have risen considerably leaving Tata motors at a low valuation. Thus making is a good pick.

Note: it is a good portfolio stock and can be held for years as well.

Financial analysis:-

Financial Analysis


tata motors