HDFC Bank (23.7.2017)


  1. Buy price-below 1725
  2. Target price- 1975
  3. Profit % – 5%
  4. Duration for meeting target- 6months
  5. Stop loss price- 1625

Financial Analysis

HDFC bank report


KMC Speciality Hospitals (14.6.2017)

Recommendation for KMC Industries. its hard to predict the long term of this share and if the management resolves problems and the fundamentals become strong in the future it may becomes a multibagger in 4-5years

Financial Analysis


KMC Speciality Hospitals

Mahanagar Gas (12th june 2017)

Buy call for mahanagar gas on NSE

Recommendation for short term:-

  1. Buy price- 970 or below
  2. Target price- 1050
  3. Profit %- 7%
  4. Duration for meeting target- 1month
  5. Stop loss price- 935

*note: this share fluctuates a lot so there is a good chance of accumulating large quantities at varying prices. Every drop is a chance to buy, thus I recommend buying in small lots. For example, the first lot can by 70% of invested capital at any price below 985 and then more lots of 10% each can be bought on dips and sold at small profits. This makes the share very attractive to an active investor. And it is just as alluring for a long term investor.

financial analysis:-

Financial Analysis


mahanagar gas report