HDFC Bank (23.7.2017)


  1. Buy price-below 1725
  2. Target price- 1975
  3. Profit % – 5%
  4. Duration for meeting target- 6months
  5. Stop loss price- 1625

Financial Analysis

HDFC bank report


Mahanagar Gas (12th june 2017)

Buy call for mahanagar gas on NSE

Recommendation for short term:-

  1. Buy price- 970 or below
  2. Target price- 1050
  3. Profit %- 7%
  4. Duration for meeting target- 1month
  5. Stop loss price- 935

*note: this share fluctuates a lot so there is a good chance of accumulating large quantities at varying prices. Every drop is a chance to buy, thus I recommend buying in small lots. For example, the first lot can by 70% of invested capital at any price below 985 and then more lots of 10% each can be bought on dips and sold at small profits. This makes the share very attractive to an active investor. And it is just as alluring for a long term investor.

financial analysis:-

Financial Analysis


mahanagar gas report